Alternative Dispute Resolution

In certain circumstances disputes need not be resolved through the Courts.  A trained mediator can help both parties narrow down the issues and facilitate an early, amicable and cost-effective resolution.  Often court proceedings can be avoided or resolved saving significant costs and time.

In mediation an unbiased intermediary assists all sides to reach an amicable agreement. In arbitration a trained barrister can provide the parties with a cost effective and efficient hearing leading to a binding award.

Our chambers recognize the significant cost and time saving benefits of alternative dispute resolution. Lead by Andrew Philp QC, Trinity Chambers has experienced mediators and arbitrators in all areas including civil, building and construction, development and planning, workplace, commercial transactions, leasing, franchising, personal injuries, wills and estates, partnerships, trusts, employment and family law matters.

There are two major components to Trinity Chamber’s ADR services – access to qualified and experienced arbitrators and mediators, and extensive mediation facilities.

Trinity members who enjoy practice in these ADR areas are Andrew Philp QC Michael Jonsson and Christopher Taylor. Arrangements, process and fees are be agreed in advance.